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eBooks »TASTY« von Ilona Weinhold-Wackernah

eBook TASTY by Ilona Weinhold-Wackernah & Adrian Wackernah

Food-Photography made by the designer from 1987 to 2012. She shows us in her book in four categories her work.

Who loves to eat, even loves food photography.
Ilona Weinhold-Wackernah likes to arrange food nicely. It should look appetizing and invites for snacking. If your stomach growls while watching the photos, then Ilona Weinhold-Wackernah has achieved her goal.

Beginning with the period around her academic Diploma (kind of german Bachelor or Master) at college of design in Kiel, Germany. That series was for a large format calendar about fish and seafood. This category claims 1987 to 2000.

In second category she goes over to her photo-edition “kulinarische streifzüge” which might be translated as Culinary excursions. There will find such lovely photos as ”brad ingredients” or ”Caviar” on a potato. Wonderful photographs. This category claims the year 2001.

in third category I found eight photographs which are all from photo-edition “cool summer” and they all are with ice-cream. She says about this series:

What could be better than summer in the outdoor café to sit in the sun, enjoy the moment and be pampered with a beautifully decorated, terribly delicious ice cream sundae? This feeling I have captured in playful and artistically, professionally prepared  ice cream. So I’m not the one who is bound on ice season and can, at least with the eyes, enjoy this wonderful ice cream all year round.

In fourth category we see much more complex arrangements like with cheese. But we see in there fish, seafood and pepperoni too. This category claims the years 2006 to 2012.

She tells us when each photo was made and which camera she used for that. You may zoom in into each photo on your iPad. Overall professional made photographs with her exact view to details and yes, I like her arrangements.


Für deutsche Kunden: Der englische Text ist kurz und knapp beschreibend gehalten, das Buch lebt vor allem durch seine wundervollen, professionell gestalteten Fotografien.